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This is a theoretical-practical course in Gnosis. It includes techniques and methods for the study of oneself and the awakening of Inner Consciousness so that we can free ourselves from our psychological limitations and attain the Inner Self-realization of our own Being, thus achieving real happiness.

The course is free of charge and comprises four theoretical-practical levels, plus a 5th level containing selected Gnostic practices, in which the student didactically receives a series of subjects for study and reflection.

Some subjects in the Course include:

Introduction to Gnostic Knowledge

– Revolutionary Psychology

– The Awakening of Consciousness and Inner Self-Remembering | Read Unit

– The S.O.P. Key and the Use of Conscious Attention

– The Higher Faculties of the Mind

– The Mysteries of Life and Death

– Being and Knowledge

– Dream Yoga

– The Practice of Meditation

Astral Projection and the Higher Dimensions | Read Unit

– Study of the Psychic Functions of the Human Machine

– The Law of Karma

– The Chakras and their Development

– The Transformation of Impressions

– The Transmigration of Souls

– The Age of Aquarius

– The Theosophical Septenary

– The Illuminating Void

– Lamasery Exercises

– The False Personality

– The Great Work or Magnus Opus

– Gnostic Kabbalah

– The Esoteric Tarot

– Universal Sound

– Transcendental Sexology

– Pure Science and Materialistic Science

– The Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness

– And more…

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