The British Institute of Gnostic Studies (BIGS) invites you to know its programme of theoretical-practical lectures on the essential topics of Esoteric-Gnostic Knowledge.

The subjects we present in our lectures have been carefully selected so as to make them accessible to all students without exception, so that they can achieve, first a regeneration and then a total generation, in all the planes of their existence: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social.

To believe or to reject is part of ignorance; the best thing is to verify in a direct way. Gnostic Knowledge is above all practical, and is adapted to the conditions of present life. The key to attaining Realization lies in persistence and continuity of work. Only through the Revolution of Consciousness can we awaken the ineffable presence of the Being in us and vibrate in harmony with the Universe.

Every person can, through their own effort, attain perfection in all human dimensions.

The BIGS is made up of men and women who study and practise a higher type of Knowledge, with the firm purpose of enriching their lives and facing all the problems, doubts, sufferings and moral and physical misery that affect human beings in this world in decadence.

Only through Self-Knowledge can we free ourselves, in an absolute and permanent way, from all the factors that condition our mechanical existence.

The main mission of the BIGS is, therefore, to help those to want to be helped, regardless of race, religion, age, social or cultural background, in order that all can benefit from this timeless and universal Teaching in a practical and efficient way.  

British Institute of Gnostic Studies