The Institute

The British Institute of Gnostic Studies

The British Institute of Gnostic Studies (BIGS) is an institution made up of men and women whose common interest is the study and practice of Gnostic Knowledge in the different spheres of human activity: Science, Art, Philosophy, Mysticism, Psychology, Methaphysics…

In the United Kingdom, the British Institute of Gnostic Studies is the organization responsible for spreading the Gnostic Teachings given by Samael Aun Weor.

The British Institute of Gnostic Studies is a non-profit-making organization. Its only purpose is that every human being, irrespective of social or cultural level, age, sex, race or faith, can benefit from these teachings.

Its Aims Are:

  • To promote the study of Gnosis in order to help all human beings who are interested in their own physical, intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual development, through the implementation of psychological, philosophical and scientific practices.
  • To periodically organise Gnostic conferences, conventions and meetings, both at a national and international level, and spread the principles of Gnostic Knowledge.
  • To carry out anthropological and cultural research in order to objectively know the principles common to all peoples, cultures and religions of the world, placing particular emphasis on the ancient esoteric culture and traditions of the British Isles.
  • To look after the preservation of the Gnostic values in their true essence.
  • To publish and preserve the entire Gnostic work written by Samael Aun Weor.
  • To work for the benefit of humanity, encouraging solidarity, brotherhood and union among all human beings without distinction.
British Institute of Gnostic Studies