• What is Gnosis?

Gnosis means ‘knowledge’, ‘wisdom’. You can find extensive information about it by clicking on the link about Gnosis

  • What is the British Institute of Gnostic Studies (BIGS)?

It is the organization responsible for the spreading of Gnosis in the UK. As stated by its founder, Samael Aun Weor, the Gnostic Movement is not against any religion, order or sect.

  • Is the Gnostic Teaching modern?

The Gnostic Teaching is not a modern doctrine; it dates back to very ancient times. The Gnostic Teaching can be found in all cultures: Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, Celtic, etc. On the other hand, over the centuries, there had been always people interested in delving into the mysteries of the universe and the purpose of human life, searching for answers to the many questions of existence. In the last century, Master Samael Aun Weor summed up Gnosis by making it more understandable and practical for today’s humanity.

  • Will I improve with Gnosis?

Gnosis teaches us to know ourselves psychologically, in order for us to gradually discover the faults and limitations within us. If we understand our faults and we learn to know how our mind works, we gradually become freer and freer. The progress depends on oneself, of one’s level of understanding and work.

  • What is the main tool for self-knowledge?

It is Meditation – the thousand-year-old technique used by all the genuine Initiates and Adepts, both in the East and in the West. Meditation is a ‘state’ which is attained through physical and mental relaxation. In the BIGS, students receive the foundations and practices needed for its correct application.

  • Where can I study Gnosis?

You can study Gnosis in any accredited centre by attending the lectures that are delivered in them. In this regard, we recommend research and discernment as there are nowadays many bogus groups styling themselves as Gnostic.

  • How can I contact a Gnostic Instructor?

You can contact a Gnostic Instructor to enquire about any matter related to the Gnostic studies by going to the contact form on this website.

British Institute of Gnostic Studies