Gnostic Curriculum

The Gnostic School

As part of the Gnostic activities carried out by the British Institute of Gnostic Studies, and in order to spread the Gnostic Teaching, the delivering of free courses of lectures on Gnostic Esoteric Knowledge (Gnosis) is also included. To this end, the Institute regularly starts courses, publishes books and other activities, through which Gnosis is conveyed.

The Institute’s in-person courses are particularly comprehensive, in which participants can study Gnosis in a clear and didactic way, first theoretically, through lectures, and later by combining theory with practice so that students can gradually experience what they have just studied.

Subjects of Gnostic Study Include:

Gnostic Wisdom

  • Introduction to Esoteric Knowledge
  • Being and Knowledge
  • The Chakras or Higher Faculties of the Human Being
  • The Different Dimensions of the Cosmos
  • Techniques for Astral Projection
  • The World of Dreams and its Symbolism
  • The Mysteries of Life and Death
  • Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation
  • The Wise Law of Karma

Gnostic Anthropology

  • Gnostic Anthropology
  • The Origin of Man
  • The Different Human Races
  • The Aztec Calendar or Stone of the Sun
  • The Zodiacal Cycles and the Age of Aquarius
  • The Egyptian Mysteries
  • Comparative Study of Religions
  • The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

Gnostic Psychology

  • Psychic Study of the Human Being
  • The Four States of Consciousness
  • Study of the Human Machine
  • Psychological Transformation
  • The Work on the Mind and Emotions
  • Meditation: Theory and Practice
  • Imagination and Fantasy
  • The Doctrine of the Many I’s
  • The Didactics for the Dissolution of the Ego


  • The Higher Existential Bodies of the Being
  • The Preservation and Sublimation of Energies
  • The Second Birth
  • The A.Z.F. Arcanum
  • The Awakening of Kundalini
  • Esoteric Tantrism
  • The Great Work or Magnum Opus
  • The Christic Path of Initiation

and many more

Gnostic classes are held on several days of the week.

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