What is Gnosis?

Gnosis is the original fountain of Knowledge. It is the Synthesis-Wisdom that illuminated the great Serpentine Civilizations of ancient times.

Gnosis is the essence of all religions and spiritual traditions of the past. It is necessary to distinguish between ‘essence’ and ‘religious forms’. Religious forms die out over time; the essence remains forever, only it changes its clothing with the passing of time.

Gnosis is a perennial and universal philosophy. It is the Religion-Wisdom of humanity’s first ages. It is the hidden, metaphysical system of religions, which only Initiates can see.

We invite you to enter the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Pure Science, where you will know the postulates taught and practised in the ancient Schools of Initiation… The same postulates practised by the Egyptian Hierophants, the Pythagorean sages as well as the old medieval Rosicrucians and the early Freemasons. Gnosis is the secret doctrine of the Knights Templar and their quest after the Holy Grail. It is the alchemical wisdom of the Philosopher’s Stone, didactically and dialectically explained by Samael Aun Weor. Gnosis is the very Secret Doctrine itself.

Gnosis is the Initiatory Wisdom of those who, in the beginning of our present race, preserved the ancient forms of the genuine, heliocentric and luminous tradition of Solar Consciousness.

'Gnosis is a cosmic teaching that seeks to restore in every one of us the ability to live consciously and intelligently'.

British Institute of Gnostic Studies